RallyZ Privacy Policy

Thanks for using "RallyZ" mobile application. In order to let you comfortably enjoy the game service we provided, herein we inform you of our policies regarding the collection, disclosure and use of personal data. Please read in details.

1. Privacy coverage

The privacy policy covers this mobile application (called "app") and it's backend service such as data server. It contains how the app use the information which is retrieved from the user's device. It's not covering the external web leaving from this app.

2. Geographic Location

The app embedded ads service offering rich proper advertisements to users. Some of ads may detect the user's location so as to provide suitable ads content to users. Through the location collection, the ads provider can more accurately provide what user want to see and inhibit what user doesn't want to see.

3. External Link

Ads the app displayed may lead user to external websites, that's excluded in this privacy policy. The user will have to self refer and understand what policy of the website.

4. User Data

The user name, email and photo are not mandatory. The user can choose to anonymously play the app, but lack of remote data backup. alternatively the user can choose to create his/her owned acccount by name and email. We'll additionally support the data server to backup the user's progress and data. If the user choose a social media login mechanism the we will further collect his/her photo so as to easily identify in ranking board, and furthermore gather social information for ranking in friends. Besides usages, we will may offer you some specific information that helps you to know more about this app or others. All of these information won't be shared to any third party.

5. Analytics

We use the third party service to report the behavior of app and user. The purpose is to enhance the development, resolve issues and keep improving the user experience.

6. Amendment

This privacy policy may be revised because of app behaviour change. We will update here in time.